Win everyone’s favourite kids suitcase – a Trunki, worth more than R1000

If there was an adult version of the Trunki in the flamingo or unicron designs, I’d be packing it for my travels. Instead, Rebecca has her Flossi Flamingo, which she loves riding and travelling with, and keeping her Barbie dolls for the rest of the time.

This week, we’re giving away one Trunki, which is worth more than R1000.

This multiple award-winning Trunki is the “original ride-on case”, can hold a weight of 55kg, has a 5-year guarantee, and there are 18 awesome designs to choose from too.

Other features include:

  • Secure lockable catches
  • Comfy saddle
  • Horn grips for steering and stability
  • Detachable carry/tow strap with key
  • Carry handles
  • Soft rubber trim to protect little fingers

Trunki cases are available on their website, and at retailers such as Takealot and Loot (for when you’re ready after the lockdown).

To enter

Comment below, and your name will be entered into the draw. This giveaway closes on Wednesday 8 April 2020 at 10am, after which the winner will be announced on the Rattle and Mum Facebook page.

This giveaway is open to SA residents only. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or anything else. Stock of your preferred Trunki might not be available, which means you might need to choose another one. Please allow a few weeks for delivery, until after lockdown.

Win a NIVEA Q10 hamper worth R850

I’m kicking off several giveaways, because if ever there was a need for some feel-good stuff, now’s the time. And since you might not be feeling your best, NIVEA is giving you the chance to put your best face forward, with their hamper of Q10 Power anti-ageing day cream, night cream, eye cream and serum pearls, to make your skin look firmer and smoother.

About NIVEA Q10

With its new and improved formulation, NIVEA Q10 has a purer, 100% skin-identical Q10 to complement the skin’s own Q10 for improved results. And now, a new addition to the range – Anti-Age Multi-Action Youth Oil Booster -is available with a powerful combination of Q10 and Organic Argan Oil to give your skin a youthful boost.

What is Q10?

Q10 is a co-enzyme present in
every skin cell. It imbibes the skin with energy and protection, naturally
fighting the ageing process. But over time, our skin’s Q10 levels reduce and
succumb to the look and feel of the various signs of ageing.  This is why we need to refill the skin’s
levels of Q10.

Added to NIVEA’s skin-identical Q10 is Creatine – another ingredient which the body has naturally – an organic acid that boosts skin-firming fibres, stimulating collagen production and activating the skin’s own anti-age defence. It visibly fights fine lines and wrinkles – even those deep stubborn ones! 


The new formulated range is available at leading retail outlets and pharmacies countrywide. It includes:

  • NIVEA Q10 POWER ANTI-WRINKLE Day Cream SPF 15, R189.99 for 50ml
  • NIVEA Q10 POWER ANTI-WRINKLE Day Cream SPF 30, R209.99 for 50ml
  • NIVEA Q10 POWER ANTI-WRINKLE+Pore Minimising Day Cream SPF15, R189.99 for 50ml
  • NIVEA Q10 POWER ANTI-WRINKLE Revitalising Night Cream, R189.99 for 50ml
  • NIVEA Q10 POWER ANTI-WRINKLE Replenishing Serum Pearls, R259.99 for 40ml
  • NIVEA Q10 POWER ANTI-WRINKLE Eye Cream, R189.99 for 15ml

To enter

To enter, just comment below, and your name will be entered into the draw. This competition closes on Monday March 30 2020 at 10am, after which the winner will be announced on the Rattle and Mum Facebook page, and then emailed.

This giveaway is open to SA residents only. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash, or anything else in the NIVEA range. Please allow a few weeks for delivery, until all delivery systems are going again.

What’s helping me now: practising a bit of gratitude

Last week on my personal blog, I mentioned being a bit anxious and scared, and that I was going to try to spend less time watching social media (I haven’t really succeeded), and more time focusing on things I’m grateful for (I’ve started, and it’s making a significantly good difference).

Last year I started using the Gratitude journal app, as I needed a good wake-up and shake-up, and a reminder of all the great things in my life. I wrote about it then, and I’m mentioning it here again, because it might help you, even a little bit (I find even little bits are very helpful at the moment).

On the app (available on Google and iTunes), you can write the things you’re grateful for, and you can also get daily positive affirmations.

I’ve set up the app to get a reminder once a day to chart what I’m grateful for, and in the morning I get an affirmation.

One could of course easily keep a gratitude journal and write in it every day, but I quite like this method – it’s convenient, there are prompts, and heck, I’m on my phone all the time anyway. One of the many cool features of the app is that you can send gratitude letters to people in your life – I haven’t done this yet, but I might just.

According to the app, keeping a gratitude journal and being thankful for small little things could have tremendous benefits on your quality of life.

Many therapists recommend keeping a Gratitude journal to help us calm our anxiety, manage stress, have a better and deep sleep, improve our focus and concentration, break addictive habits and improve mindfulness levels at work. Research reveals Gratitude has significant benefits:

1. It opens the door to more relationships. Taking a moment to thank people and relations that matter to you definitely goes a long way to increase our happiness levels.
2. Improves physical health. Lower levels of stress and mindful about surroundings including mindful eating improves physical strength.
3. Improves psychological health. Gratitude directly impacts well-being, increases overall happiness and reduces depression.
4. Enhances empathy and reduces aggression. Gratitude enables us to forgive and forget grudges or negative people, helps control our anger.
5. Grateful people sleep better. Expressing and writing grateful thoughts before sleep leads to better and quality sleep.
6. Improves self-esteem. It’s human nature to complain about things that we lack or compare ourselves with another. Gratitude makes it easy to let go of unwanted things and builds our esteem and confidence.
7. Gratitude makes us more mindful and increases mental strength. Gratitude not only reduces stress, but plays a major role in overcoming trauma.

PS: I’ve decided to start using more unicorn images for the sake of happiness and feel-good.

PPS: Take care, and I hope you’re all doing as well as possible.

Win a Lou Harvey kids backpack

It’s been a while since I ran a Lou Harvey giveaway, and knowing by the amount of entries and love this brand gets here, I know you’re going to adore this kids backpack prize.

It comes from Lou’s latest range of paisley and floral prints, merged with colours such as turquoise, fuschia, charcoal, lime green and more, and you’ll get to choose one in the fabric of your choice (stock permitting)

Aside from the kids backpack, which is great for younger ones to use for school (my toddler loves hers), sleepovers at granny and grandpa, or playdates, there’s a great range of products for kids.

There are pencil cases, notebooks, lunchbags, aprons, book bags and more, and you’ll likely know from the range that these items aren’t only for little ones – aside from the aprons, everything is usable and practical for grownups too.

All the products are available in-store, or shop safely and securely online at and have your favourites delivered directly to your door.

To enter to win a kids backpack

Comment below, and your name will go into the draw. Please make sure you’re following the Lou Harvey Facebook page – we will check.

The giveaway closes on Friday 20 March 2020 at 11am, after which the winner will be announced and emailed.

This prize is open to South African residents only. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or anything else in the Lou Harvey range.

The most fun I’ve had with a gadget in a while… the INSTAX Mini Link Smartphone Printer

In a time of instant gratification, it’s pretty satisfying and exciting to print photos on the go, and right now, when you want to. As an aside, it’s also very exciting for a toddler to see pictures on my cellphone come to life in mini prints!

We had so much fun trying out the INSTAX Mini lInk Smartphone Printer from Fujifilm, much like we did with the Instax Mini Camera.

What is it?

The Mini Link is a sleek and light printer from which you can print pics on your phone via an app. You’ll need to download the app (easy!), pop some instant film in the camera, and print what you like. You can print as is, or you can add fun frames, create collages and split prints, and even print photos from videos.

The app also has two modes – Print Mode and Fun Mode. Fun Mode lets users connect up to five smartphones to the INSTAX Mini Link and print a photo collage with Party Print. There’s Motion Sensor functionality which lets users zoom in or out to take a photo with the app by tilting the printer, and photos can be reprinted by turning the printer upside down and pressing the INSTAX button – cool for parties or when you have guests over and want to give them some pics as they leave (cool for kids’ parties too!).

It’s easy to use and very portable, and something I could easily keep (I got my unit on loan for review). I do have an older version of the instant camera that I bought a few years ago, and love it, but with the printer, you have more functionality, you can print from a library of pics, and you can print out better pics.

I found that pics taken on a DSLR printed much nicer pics than those taken on a phone with a decent camera. Even so, don’t expect the quality to be the same as that from a print shop, which is totally fine – this is instant, and you’re using instant film.

For those of us who don’t usually get prints made, or make photobooks, this is a brilliant and fairly affordable way to get those memories in print. You can stick them on your fridge, put them in albums or create collages in a frame (easy to do yourself too).

The printer retails for R1 999, but I often see great deals on Superbalist and BrandHubb. A box of 10 sheets of film costs around R199, but I often buy mine on sale – again, look out for these on Superbalist.

Here are some pics I had printed… gosh I loved printing these out with the kids.